Buy A New Toilet And Improve Your LIfe

Everyone has a pot to piss in as the expression goes. Some wobble, leak, rust, and others waste a lot of water. Others are too low-flow, while yet others are avocado and still have not returned to style after 40 years.

We all rely on the bathroom too often to have to settle for less than what we want. It should serve the family who lives in the home, from its style to its design. It is not that expensive of an item to change out considering how often we use it.

Are you happy with the rest of the bathroom? Or, do you wish you could make some other changes? If not, consider investing just a bit more in renovating the whole bathroom to make it more liveable. As a whole, the bathroom is used too often to be in disrepair or not serve you well.

Changing out the toilet is one of the most common upgrades or renovations people do when they redo their bathroom. White is the most common color though many brands and styles are available. These days, particularly with rising energy costs, consider a water-saving model that also ranks well among other consumers.

While all toilets look very similar at first sight, there are distinct differences that set one apart from another. Some of these differences will make one a better complement to your life than others. For instance, if you are particularly tall or have trouble getting up because of back issues, then you may prefer a tall toilet. Some are elongated up front or more rounded. They hit a good range of prices, but, in general, start in the $90 range and go up to several hundred dollars.

Consider introducing other colors as they are available. While porcelain white is still common, your room — by the time you are done with renovations — will no longer be common. It should have some more of your taste in it. For the most part, toilets are not in “faddish” shades like the avocado toilets of the 1970s. Though, they are in neutrals, such as tan, beige ivory, and black. You might even find gray as well. Though, you may not want to test the fates of what might come and go out of style, so could just as well decide on a white toilet.

Feel the handle or push-knob on the toilet to make sure that it feels like it will be able to make it through years of use. If the parts seem “plasticky” or cheap you may do yourself the best favor by moving on from that particular model of toilet.

Once you are ready to purchase your toilet, check first to see if it comes with a toilet seat. Many do not, which means you have to buy that at the same time. You may have it delivered to your home or you may take it home with you.

A toilet plays a big role in everyone’s life, and it needs to operate well, be comfortable, and provide long-lasting use for years to come. No one wants to have to go through a toilet installation often. Face it, you would rather be buying a big-screen television. Such are the joys of homeownership.

Look at how great of an improvement having a new toilet is and you may want to renovate even more. Consider your options and happy flushing!